A short introduction

i4b supports and guides companies in changing environments.


Our activities


i4b offers an Integrated and Integral approach, providing a broad band of services. From Consultancy services and Program management to Workshop guidance, Training and Coaching.



The 4i ’s for your business


integral: we provide end-to-end services: Design,

Implement, Transfer & Operate


integrated: we always align the the company’s

strategy with projects we engage in


improvement: our approach is pragmatic, step-by-

step and excellence driven


innovation: we rely on proven methods, customized

to our customers’ culture

What differentiates i4b

i4b has a proven track-list

• More than 20 years of experience in multinational and

SME environments

• Experience in operational and executive management


• Vast and in depth knoweldge of proven methods and



i4b has a pragmatic way of working

• We use the theory, but emphasize on the practical


• We use standards and methods, but our approach is

personalized and customized

• We cover 360° of the company activities


i4b works result oriented

• We manage expectations: a clear definition of the

projects’ scope and objectives is imperative before

starting the activities

• We manage changes: via status reviews we (re)align in

a continious way the project with the changing


• We foster results: we offer to link the project-outcomes

to a variable renumeration scheme